Nighttime Relaxation JOI

Nighttime Relaxation JOI Nighttime Relaxation JOI
I speak calmly and slowly, instructing you to get comfortable for your relaxation journey. i take you through a full body scan... slowly relaxing one area of your body at a time. this is a type of mindful meditation, but you don't have to have any experience in yoga or meditation to enjoy this. it's a proven method to melt away stress, and i use it in my life with great effect. once you are fully relaxed, i do a jerk-off instruction (joi) where you're focusing on my voice as i tell you what to do and how to do it. you will cum when i count you down. it's amazing how powerful your orgasm can be when you start off fully relaxed and just trust me to guide you! then you can drift off and get a good night's rest. #mesmerize #gfe #asmr #relaxation #joi

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