Beta Conditioning

Beta Conditioning Beta Conditioning
*custom clip you've been doing it all wrong! don't you know how alpha males stroke their cocks? of course you don't... you're a pathetic beta male. you probably don't even know where the sensation is coming from and just rub your thighs aggressively. oh no? go on then. show me! omg that's just terrible. i don't even know how you orgasm like that.... actually, you've probably never even had one. you clearly need someone to teach you.... i suppose i'd be willing to.. but i'm going to go this far i may as well show you the things that should arouse you. let me guess, you probably watch regular porn and attempt to "get off" on it like an idiot. not anymore! you're going to start doing it the right way and i'm here to show you everything you need to know, it'll just take some practice. first of all, you should always be on your knees. when you stroke, you need to be in a degrading position.... just like that!

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