Real B-mail, Real Risks, Real Consequences - I Want You Scared

Real B-mail, Real Risks, Real Consequences - I Want You Scared Real B-mail, Real Risks, Real Consequences - I Want You Scared
Mandy marx! this clip contains a sexy background voice track where mandy constantly reminds you how trapped you are and you can hear her laughing over and over again. mandy takes her b-måil victims very seriously. lots of time and effort goes in to make sure the experience is more than you begged for. b-måil with mandy is very, very real. 'you want me to ruin you, absolutely ruin you. you don't want me to b-måil you, you want me to bankrupt you. you want me to fuck you over. you want me to tell your wife. you want to give me all of your private information.' all of you boys are the fucking same. you confess all of this fucked up $h1t to me and then you cry that you're scared. well i don't care. put your cock in a cage for me right now or i'll send out all of the information that you gave me. you don't think i'll do it? did you think that b-måil contract was fake? you gave me your information, you signed a contract, you gave me your account number and you said, scare me. please. i know you're scared now. but if i backed out, if i didn't keep scaring you, if i didn't keep texting your girlfriend with weird text messages, i would be doing you such a disservice. do you understand how much time and focus it takes to give you exactly what you want? even when it goes past the point of what you wanted or thought you could handle. it's like when you're locked in a cage and you realize it's not fun anymore, the moment you realize you can't get out. that's the moment it's real. and that's why i'm going to really scare you. not just when it's fun, but all the time. it's going to be really, really real. you're trapped. i do this for fun. b-måil isn't like all the other fetishes. it's real, it's interactive. and you're lucky because i don't bill you for all the time i spend thinking about it and planning it. if only you knew how deep i dive in it. you know so little about me and what i do to boys like you. i actually take b-måil very seriously. a lot of time and effort goes into it. and if i haven't made it hard for you to s1eep, then i haven't done my job. i want your mind constantly wondering. i want you scared. i want to make it so that you can't get me off of your mind. so i want you to think about it really hard before you send that email, before you beg me to fuck you over. don't worry, i'll more than fuck you over. now i could fuck you over instantly with the information you sent me, but i won't. because if you think about it, the longer i take, the more you anticipate. and we know what that does to your brain and your cock. i'm going to dangle that information in front of you like a carrot. i'm going to make sure you have that cage on. i'm going to have you quivering with excitement and anticipation. and believe it or not it's not about the money. there is no amount you could pay that would cover the amount of planning i do to drive you absolutely crazy. i'm going to drive you wild. you're going to be horny all the time and i'm going to be on your brain constantly. i'm going to push you. you're going to need therapy by the time i'm done with you. all i need is a little bit of information and you'll be surprised how much i can dig up on you. i told you i put time in so i don't know why you're so surprised when you get an email from me with information you didn't even give me. i find it, i always find it. it's shocking how quickly i find it. i do this because it's fun, because i like it. do you know what a man sounds like when he's scared? i do. i hear it all the time from boys who enter in and didn't realize that i really do take this seriously. within moments of you sending me just a bit of information, i'll have more on you than you would have ever sent. and then i send it to you. and then you know it's real. and then you know you're fucked. you're actually scared. click here for mandy's clips4sale store

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