Humiliating Mind Fuck

Humiliating Mind Fuck Humiliating Mind Fuck
i am fucking your brain really hard today. this clip is guaranteed to turn your tiny little brain to mush. my words always tear you to shreds, yet you can not wait to hear them again. you are fucked. figuratively speaking of course. we both know that you will never get real pussy. not a loser like you. give up now and save yourself a lot of time and disappointment. losers like you get rejected over and over again. nobody want to have sex with a wimpy beta loser like you. you are vulnerable and weak. all losers are basically virgins and pathetic virgin beta’s will feel especially picked are a total waste of my time and you will be paying me for allowing you to hear my words. today you are going to be paying a fucking loserstax (just a measly $10) to watch this clip. it is automatically added to the price of this clip. that fact alone will prove that i have complete and total control over you and your pathetic life. i am not even giving you the choice. no option here.    

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