Post workout smoke in my tight sport clothes

Post workout smoke in my tight sport clothes Post workout smoke in my tight sport clothes
Working out at the gym has become a very enjoyable habit for me, i try to go everyday and go through a different routine, targeting different muscles, although the best part is afterwards... when i target my lungs! yes, i'm like that, i train a lot and then i smoke a lot. some people say sports and cigarette don't mix well together, let me tell you they're completely wrong! a good smoke is exactly what my lungs and my little body need after some hard workout, that's the way i stay relaxed and in a good shape, you can see that, right?  another part that i enjoy about going to the gym is choosing my outfits, i have a few nice tops that i wear when it's hot and some tight shorts. but today was cold, that's why i'm wearing this kind of yoga pants and a long sleeve sport shirt. the pants are very tight, you'll see when i turn around, i love how it shapes my body, my legs. sometimes in the middle of the workout i start to get hot, so i always take one of my tops underneath. i guess today the smoke is making me hot so i'll take my shirt off, it's kind of a strip-tease so let's keep it between us.  now i'm comfortable to enjoy the rest of the cigarette, you'll get to see all angles and then i'll be ready to take a shower and start my day, fresh and relaxed. 

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