Pain and Pleasure for Slutty Peggy (FULL HD MP4)

Pain and Pleasure for Slutty Peggy (FULL HD MP4) Pain and Pleasure for Slutty Peggy (FULL HD MP4)
Dominic's new favorite bitch, peggy, always receives rewards and treats from her mistress, the goddess dominic, after she was so good and obedient to her and her friend, dominic will arrange an intense session for his bitch. on the bed, topless, with her huge tits on display for her goddess, and dressed only in a thong, collar and leash, peggy starts by worshipping her goddess's beautiful legs with such passion that she gets a few slaps in the face as she moans and licks everywhere and between dominic's fingers. then dominic grabs his belt and slaps the bitch's tits with it, and then slaps them with his bare hand, no matter how painful it is, you can hear a moan in peggy's voice. when dominic tells her to get on all fours and starts spanking her with a wooden paddle until she is satisfied with the red marks left on her ass. then, to reward the bitch, she pulls her leash in the same position and puts her feet on her pussy, rubbing it when peggy gets excited and gets even more turned on. dominic grabs the belt again, not yet satisfied, she presses her legs to peggy's pussy, continuing to slap her with the belt and pull on the leash, as peggy experiences a mixture of pain and pleasuredominique then decided to sit on peggy's back to have better access to her ass and she keeps whipping her with a belt until her ass turns bright red, she switches to kicking, then turns her around and slaps her tits, pulls on the leash and spits in her mouth as peggy is euphoric as peggy plays with her tits, she keeps licking dominique's feet with great enthusiasm. as dominic continues to spank her and spit in her mouth, slap her tits and even make her suck and choke with her fingers, ending it all with her beloved bitch gagging and swallowing her toes deep. one of our hottest videos we shot since you could see all the marks on peggy's ass! we are open to your individual orders ! write in our only fans (slave_show)! follow us on twitter kingdomslaves you may also like our following videos : dominique's new favorite bitch (full hd mp4) new humiliations for bbw peggy (full hd mp4) feeding dirty peggy (full hd mp4) humiliatiion and punishment for leah (full hd mp4) ariel's outdoor humiliating tasks (full hd mp4) pain, bondage, and foot worship for peggy (full hd mp4)

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