Be my Toilet Paper -Murderotica's Edition (HD)

Be my Toilet Paper -Murderotica's Edition (HD) Be my Toilet Paper -Murderotica's Edition (HD)
"yes! yes! now you are stuck with me!" murderotica gleams with a big smile. "so i told you i needed toilet paper today right? annnnd you're going to be my toilet paper!" murderotica has it's face saran wrapped to her butt as she selfie films it smothering deep into her ass crack. "ok so you are going to be my toilet paper because i ran out and frankly i don't feel like going to the store and also i kind of want to be more eco friendly so i thought why not use you instead!" leaving it wrapped to her sweaty ass laughing as it gasps and weakens for air. it has nothing to smell but her ass and murderotica is loving it! she shakes and twerks her ass in it's face causing it to sink deeper into the crevices of despair. she will not let it escape until it cleans out her asshole like the toilet paper it is! "you are going to have lots and lots of sweat to lick up" she laughs. "you have a job to do. are you going to lick my ass or what?" she says pushing it's face deeper into her butt as she continues twerking and laughing. "look i have **** to do, and buying toilet paper is not one of them! don't you want to help the planet out?" if it wants out, the only way to escape is to lick her asshole clean and agree to become her toilet paper for life! "the more that you say no to me, the more i'm going to twist this around my body and the more you will be stuck to my ass. do you want to be my toilet paper? yes?" it finally submits and agrees to becoming her toilet paper. murderotica lowers her panties shoving her butt right into it's face! "you better get in there! start being my damn toilet paper! get in there!" it's tongue digs deep into her asshole licking it out clean. she films the footage using her selfie stick, happy to finally have her 'eco-friendly' toilet paper. she giggles as it smothers and eats her ass out 'human centipede' style! murderotica is enjoying herself so much she loses track of time. 'murderotica's edition' contains exclusive selfie footage taken from her phone!

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