GOON: Induction

GOON: Induction GOON: Induction
This is now a staple in your collection. a foundational piece. like a cure-all, you should apply it to every single time you consume my content. before you shop... use this to drop. my meditative induction style is classic and unique. it's been used by hundreds of women after me. but i have the gift of being able to wash your brain casually and therapeutically. let your body melt, and your mind will follow. follow me. this video is meant to supercharge your goon state spending. to exponentially trigger your buttons, each spark feeding 3 more reactions, which set off 3 more each. once i've induced you into a drooling blank bliss, it's time to replace all of that empty space with pure erotic greed energy. a hunger inside of you that is insatiable yet constantly feeding. a push toward me that disregards your humanity in favor of my desires. this will set off a chain reaction that leads you down the hole of my video collection. you will either buy it several times or you will play it so often that the file degrades, because you will need it for every single one of our goon sessions. let your eyes roll to the back of your head and your dick do the thinking. get ready for nonstop stimulation and edging, for hours and days, keeping you perpetually on the brink. get addicted to the so-close, and fall victim to the just-one-more.

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