You have never seeen kandylegs like this before. this the first time kandy puts on the gloves and beats down and dominates a man showing no mercy. just when you thought kandy was just a sweet nice sensual lady today you get to see another side of kandy. we call her dandy which is the dominant side of kandy. people didnt know that kandy did ten years of boxing and kickboxing. nobody knew that kandylegs had these special skills. well today you get to witness her first special beatdown video. kandy travels to nyc to meet with the legendary hoodman. hoodman is known for taking the biggest beatings and most pain any man has ever taken. he loves pain and he should not be alive today with all the pain he as taken. kandy heard about all the stories so she wants to make a story of her own as she is excited up for the challenge to give hoodman the biggest beatdown that hes ever had. kandy starts out the video talking about who she is and her background but then hoodman starts talking trash to her calling her weak and saying other people hit harder than her and he doesnt think she can hurt him. kandy does not like when a guy is disrespectful and talks down to her. hoodmans words got kandy so fired up she is ready to unleash all her anger and give hoodman the biggest beating of his life.  she starts off by taking off her earrings and puts on the gloves and here is where the action starts. they start off with jab crosses and kandy is so confident with the gloves on she starts talking trash and then dandy comes out and unleashes some real heavy body punches and then some lethal knees to the body. she then shows off her kickboxing skills by giving him some lethal side kicks to the body and then more heavy punches to the body of hoodman. hoodman is suprised by kandylegs strength and power he decides that its best for him to put on his head gear. kandy immediately starts punching and then gives a huge blow to the face. if this was a regular man he would have been knocked out.  kandy sees how tough hoodman is and how hes taking the pain so she goes harder. she starts giving him some more body shots and then out comes a special kandy combination which was 6 uppercuts 4 bodyshots 2 back punches and 2 kicks to the balls and then 8 knees to the body. how is hoodman still standing? nodody has ever taken a beating like this. but then hoodman says something to kanylegs and then that unleashed the ruthless side of kandy as she gives the hoodman the worst beating she has ever given to another human being. if you love beatdowns this will be the best one you have ever seen. when you finish watching this video you will realize kandy is like the guy from the movie taken she has a very special set of skills and today you see that skillset with her amazing strikes. its the first week of the year and now you get to enjoy the biggest beatdown of 2022.

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