Chair Taped & Struggling ; Not Going Dancing - Mp4

Chair Taped & Struggling ; Not Going Dancing  - Mp4 Chair Taped & Struggling ; Not Going Dancing  - Mp4
I was excited to go out with friends as i put on a cute little dress, black pantyhose, and nice strappy high heels but my partner didn't want me to go out and he knew the only way to keep me home was to keep me put. so here i am, very securely duct taped to an office chair. i am bitching and moaning that i just want to go out and dance with my friends but apparently this struggling in tapebondage is the only dancing im doing tonight. my ankles, my calves, my knees, my thighs, wrists, forearms, and chest are all taped to this chair and i barely can move. luckily he didn't tape my legs to the chair so i can kick them up and try to wiggle my ankles to try and loosen the tape, but to no avail. he is quickly done hearing my voice so the next thing i know, i have several strips of duct tape over my mouth to shut me up. i mpph and gag talk but definitely not as loud. i am not happy being stuck to this chair as i do eventually manage to get off my thigh and calf restraints but thats all i am able to loosen. i try and i try to struggle free but with no luck. he gives you a great close up look at all the tape wrapped around my limbs and my tights covered legs and even the gusset between my legs since my dress moved up my tights. furthermore, he decides to stop letting me look around as he places a paper bag over my head with the words "stuck & grounded" written on it. i struggle more and gagtalk from beneath the paper but it looks like this is what im doing for his entertainment tonight. i guess on the plus side, i will save money and my feet from dancing in these heals. 

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