Hogtied in her lingerie (MP4 7000kbps)

Hogtied in her lingerie (MP4 7000kbps) Hogtied in her lingerie (MP4 7000kbps)
Mp4 1280x720 ~kerri taylor~ bondage, did, rope bondage, big tits, high heels, lingerie, back seamed stockings, lift & carry, cradle carry, tied up, tied elbows, crushed elbows, on screen tying, cleave gagged, on screen gagging, struggling, hogtied, bdsm sexy long leggy kerrie taylor is carried into the room over the hunter's shoulder. she hangs over his shoulder and he drops her on the bed. he pulls her wrists behind her back and ties them tightly together with rope and then moves down to her ankles and ties them tight. he grabs more rope and pulls her elbows completely together and wraps and cinches them tightly together. kerri begins to wake up at this point so he wraps an ace bandage around her head pulling it between her lips. kerri moans and cries into her gag as he grabs a roll of black electrical tape and wraps it around her head over the ace bandage. he leaves her to struggle helplessly on the bed while he goes for more rope. when he returns he ties a long length of rope around her waist and them pulls it between her legs and up into her crotch. he feeds the end of the crotch rope between her bound hands then down to her ankles and pulls her feet up to her ass and hogties her tight. kerri is left bound and helplessly hogtied on the bed rolling around in her sexy leopard lingerie, stockings and heels. (11:07 minutes) previous wmv version of this clip can be found here

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