Femdom Clinic - wmv

Femdom Clinic - wmv Femdom Clinic - wmv
The ultimate humiliation, degradation and punishment by femdom nurse! starting with embarrassing body measuring on naked male patients, "accidental" genital touching, laughing, genital estimations and small penis humiliations... all in her sexy shower suit, for showering incapable male patients, cleaning all parts of their bodies very thoroughly... as she controls if all male patents are fully naked in their beds, she found out that one again has peed in the bed... no wonder most of her male patients become bedwetters... and her cure for them is rather brutal! she pulls down the wet underwear, spank the ass of even sick patients and whip the hell out of them... you think that's enough? no way! the ultimate humiliation for those patients is when this sadistic femdom nurse pees on the bare genitals!!!what a nasty thing to do, but just the normal daily reality in a female domination hospital.length 13:36 minutes. click here for more taboozone movies

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