Aubrey - Mummification Video MP4 HD

Aubrey - Mummification Video MP4 HD Aubrey - Mummification Video MP4 HD
Featuring aubrey mouth stuffing , silver pvc tape gag , tape mummification , gag talk story aubrey is bored and wants to try something new. she is going to mummify herself! she is going to start with her arms, legs and middle. with her hands already fully taped in and her legs she already gets a warm cozy feeling. now she continues and she is fully wrapped with silver pvc tape as a cocoon. she struggles a bit while she is unable to get out of it. aubrey now realises she first had to get scissors before wrapping herself in. aubrey is now wiggling and struggling on the floor unable to get out and making a lot of sound while doing so. she suddenly is gagged and mmmmppphing while struggling on the floor totally helpless and unable to get out of the double layered mummification. *12 min run time* process of her being released from the mummification & put in the mumification *the rest* ~check out all clips ft. aubrey here~~check out all of our clips by clicking this~~you might like this as well~  

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