Daily Dose

Daily Dose Daily Dose
It's been a long week, hasn't it?  and i know you're craving your dose of me, since i can ease your stress better than anyone or anything in the world- so, i've made something special and sexy and comforting to ease your stress... and, of course, condition you to respond to even more special triggers.  according to my viewer polls, the vast majority of you seem to want to see my tattoos very badly, so... i've turned them into a submission trigger, to automatically flip that special switch in your mind- and now, you'll fall deep into subspace, even when i take my sleeves off!  how fun.  but there's a lot of sweetness in this clip, too- i'll talk you through the experience of me holding you, and stroking your hair as i urge you to stroke for me, staring at my big soft tits and playing with my pussy before counting you down to orgasm.

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