Strict reverse prayer hogtie (MP4 HD 14000kbps)

Strict reverse prayer hogtie (MP4 HD 14000kbps) Strict reverse prayer hogtie (MP4 HD 14000kbps)
Mp4 1920x1080 hd ~nyxon~ bondage, did, milf bondage, rope bondage, boots, shiny, upskirt, stockings, reverse prayer, struggling, gagged girl, leather cleave gag, hogtied, bdsm sexy raven hair nyxon sits on the hunter's table helplessly bound in thin cotton rope and gagged with a thick leather cleave gag. her arms are twisted up behind her back in a strict reverse prayer with her hands bound palm to palm pushed up between her shoulder blades. her booted ankles are bound and cinched tightly together. the hunter returns with more rope to render her completely completely helpless. he pulls her to her feet and as nyxon struggles to keep her balance in her bound stiletto heeled boots the new rope is wrapped around her arms, just above her bent elbows and pulled tight. nyxon moans and groans through her gag as her elbows are drawn close together at the small of her back. the rope is then wrapped around her chest and shoulders cinching all the ropes super tight. once her arms are strictly tied he pushes her back onto the table on her belly and attaches a rope to the rope running behind the back of her neck. he pulls her feet up to her ass and runs the rope from the back of her neck to her bound ankles. the hunter feeds the rope between her bound ankles then back up to her neck. pulling the ropes bow string tight he strictly hogties poor nyxon. then to make matters worse he pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her hogtie rope. pressing the button on the winch pulls the hogtied rope even tighter causing nyxon to arch her back as her booted ankles are pulled closer to her arms. with nyxon completely immoblized he leaves her alone to suffer in her strict reverse prayer hogtie. (10:19 minutes)

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