Megamax diaper rewetting peeing

Megamax diaper rewetting peeing Megamax diaper rewetting peeing
I’m in the hallway of my apartment, and i have a very full bladder ;) i’m wearing a multi-coloured t-shirt, a knee length pair of multi-coloured socks, and i’m tightly fastened into a very soggy pink megamax. i chat with you for a little bit whilst i am on my knees, and i just adore the feeling of my bladder straining again when i am already in wet plastic :d i give my padded crotch a rub with my fingertips, and then i stand and pace up and down the corridor to show off just how big and bulky this megamax actually is! by now i’m ready to burst, so i get back onto my knees and allow a strong stream to pour into my megamax when it’s really close to the camera :d i love depositing a second layer of moisture into the already wet megamax, and when i’m finally finished spraying i spend lots of time wriggling and jiggling my crotch to cause the contents of the plastic to slosh and squelch. remember…rewetting equals rewarding :d

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